I recently got a request from one of my undergraduate professors. She asked me to send her student samples of essays so she could give her undergraduate students an opportunity to see what it’s like to grade a larger number of student essays over a weekend. At first, I laughed at the thought of me doing this during my undergrad, because I remember doing about 10 and thinking it was horrible. Since then, clearly I have done more than that in one sitting. I got all of my material ready to be sent off, including the mini lesson to introduce the assignment, the rubric that I hand out to the students, and some papers that I even correct and left comments on myself.

Getting all of this ready, I found myself sweating and rereading my writing for grammar mistakes, because, of course, high school English teachers cannot make a grammar mistake. I felt extremely vulnerable sending off all of this information. I asked myself why, and I came up with the answer: because, I want them to think that I am doing everything the correct way. I want my professor to look at my work and think: WOW! She’s doing great!

Just like Nick Carraway states, he is not a rose like Daisy states; it’s a lie.

I am not perfect in my second year of teaching, and I have to be okay with that. But, like all of us, we love our students and we want them to learn. What if we aren’t providing them with the correct tools to learn?


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