Sometimes I find that I want to tell some of my friends on Facebook to begin a blog. This is not an insult, it’s more of a friendly recommendation. Too often I think a picture is too revealing or a post is maybe too personal for a Facebook. But, I am not a Facebook regulator, so I keep my comments off the posts/images.

I would like to describe a blog as an online journal that can be manipulated and controlled by its creator. I was reading a comment by Dr. Morgan about how if we were using images in our posts, that was a good thing. I thought, “oh no!” I haven’t used any images, but I am old school and I like text. I like reading and I learn best by reading something from top to bottom. I am this blogs creator, but I am in a class…

I do understand the difference in the types of blogs. I enjoyed the snipits from the well known bloggers about their lives, like Dooce’s inconvenience of getting fired for talking about her job, and Kottke’s wonderful analogy of putting a child to sleep and the wii remote. The last type of blog described in the reading was the blogs by topics. This is where my most favorite past time, besides for picking split ends, comes into play– Pinterest! You can have a very broad topic like DIY that is already listed, OR you can search something like, white washing furniture, and it will provide results for that search. IT’S AMAZING! I think I’ve been aware of the different types of blogs, but avoided the ones like Dooce because I prefer reading a novel, and I really enjoy ones like Pinterest, because it answers my questions or provides solutions quickly.

As you can tell, I love text and telling stories through the medium of text, so if I were to keep this blog going after class, I would lean towards something like a mix of Dooce’s blog and the different type of topic blogs. Because, clearly I cannot classify myself into ONE specific mold. (seriously, it never happens)

…and just to make Mr. Morgan happy, this is my nephew Bryce driving his mother, little sister, and I down our gravel at the lake. He wants to be a Nascar driver when he grows up. He wins his heat every year in ice racing…pro.brycedriver.jpg


2 thoughts on “Jourblog

  1. Considering Dooce is a good place to start thinking about what makes a blog. What she posted, and what happened with her, starts to open up the whole idea of blogs being social, and extending over time – not just a place to share but an ever-growing collection, like the curiosity cabinets. But a teacher, or any professional, can make a blog be something else, too. Watch for those ideas in the readings for this week.

    I wonder what Bryce is going to think of this post when he grows up and heads off to train for nascar.


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