What is a blog? Again.

I was just blowing my hair dry and thinking of what a blog is again. In my Jourblog post, I touched on what a blog is a bit, but the more I read and think about the humans natural tendency to not feel alone, my idea of what a blog is expands. Sometimes, I would argue that someone begins a blog to reach out to others, instead of keep quiet in a private journal, so they’re looking for someone who maybe empathizes with them. A private journal is written under the pretense of people not being able to read it. It is full of secrets, desires, thoughts, etc. that are extremely private. When talking about a blog, I know have a difficult time in considering them a type of journal. Why have I possibly changed my mind? Well, here are my thoughts:

“A weblog provides an opportunity to create a flexible personal information management system.” -Lilia Efimova

This quote, and my thoughts during blowing my hair dry, is what made me REALLY dig as to what a blog is. I would argue that a blog is for the readers, not for oneself. I make this blog maybe thinking of what I think looks good and I possibly put my own personal touch on it. BUT, I am trying to please my reader. In this instance that would be my classmates of ENGL 3177 and professor Morgan. The key words in this quote that stood out to me is a “flexible personal” keyword FLEXIBLE. I can write whatever the hell I want on here and who knows, maybe I have stolen all of those images on the about page from some internet page and even thought I have a Creative Commons license on my page, I could be fabricating everything. And, honestly, I am only showing/sharing what I want to share. -next thought-

This now brings me to professor Morgans discussion about representation and presentation. Where it is said that, “presentation is always a representation.” Where I want to say, representation is always a presentation. I am representing, at least my readers are hoping, a part of myself. Whether or not that representation is truthful, it is a presentation. This could probably be argued interchangeably, but I am curious about what the rest of you ENGL 3177 participants think of what I am trying to figure out in this crazy brain of mine.

-Going back to the journal/log argument- Efimova discusses why she blogs instead of writing ideas and thoughts down in a private notebook. She would rather share her work and collaborate with the readers of her blog. This makes sense to me,  but unlike a personal blog, she is using her blog to reach out to other people that can expand and grow her ideas/thoughts/work with her.

teachertrueThis is my brain right now. Comment below!



2 thoughts on “What is a blog? Again.

  1. Oh my goodness, I love that picture at the end! Hilarious! But anywho, a big theme I’m getting from your post along with many of our other classmates’ posts is communication and connection with others. Like you said, someone starts “a blog to reach out to others, instead of keep quiet in a private journal.” I think that is totally on point. You blow dry your hair, mull over your ideas, come to the blog, “write whatever the hell” you want, and you do so for your readers. You’re communicating with us, with me obviously considering I’m replying, and I think that’s the point. Yes, blogging can be personal and cathartic, but I also believe it has a larger role to play in terms of those who should chose to read what we write. Lovely reflective post.


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