Reflection 1/31– Successish

To start, my week has been BUSY. I advise yearbook and this is my first year doing it and let me tell you, my ecard from my last post really tells you how I have felt this week, which I’m sure all of you can empathize with, even if you aren’t a teacher.

I have finally figured out THE WAYS OF THE FORCE, I mean, how to link specific words, which I am super proud of, so I went back and edited my previous Jourblog post. I keep thinking about what a blog is and the reason why I chose the title “Jourblog” for my post on what a blog is. My first thought were that a blog is still a journal, however, instead of keeping secrets, the thoughts or ideas that one has are shared to anyone that wants to look. Even when Rettberg discussed the different types of blogs, it still makes since that they would be considered journals or a log of experiences. Those experiences can range from day to day life, like Dooce’s blog, or it can be topic based. That is why I stuck with the Jour part of the title. After reading multiple peoples blogs, I am glad we had a few articles to choose from. I would also argue that there are similarities in what these people think a blog is, but each article has it’s differences too, which I enjoyed reading about.

I addressed the demands of the assignments and was sort of successful this week, but I am not totally satisfied with my work. I will try harder next week( that’s why it’s successish, not a full success, but not a complete failure). I gained the knowledge, with the help of my classmates of learning how the different types of blogs are classified by different people. I also learned how to link text, which I’ve always been curious how bloggers do that. I also found a video that explained a blog well, but only briefly touches on the different types of blog that they describe as “school, work, and play”.
What gave me trouble was not being able to figure out how to link text so I could avoid putting URLs in my text. I looked in the book that we are assigned for this class, but that didn’t help much. So, I watched this video, which helped instantly. I enjoyed reading about the different types of blogs and the examples that were provided in this weeks reading that professor M C Morgan provided for us.

If I could do anything differently, I would have realized how to link text sooner–AND GOTTEN MORE WORK DONE EARLIER THIS WEEK. I was more worried about deadlines and completing my blog than getting the linking done correctly. I am not sure if I have any questions up to this point. I think I just need to spend more time blogging, clearly since I believe I’m late on this. And, I need to spend more time with the formatting of my blog.
My work connects with the topics that we have discussed directly. One could talk about the different type of blog that my blog would be considered, which we read about in this weeks reading. Also, what we will be/have started to discuss about images could be considered with the images I have provided on my about page and my blog posts.


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