New identity


During college I started going to yoga and I always enjoyed the stress relief it provided more than anything else. Recently, I started yoga again and one of my very new friends was the instructor. I will always consider her my favorite, yes I’m playing favorites, yoga instructor. Why? She was very relaxing, yet challenging. I don’t know EVERYTHING about yoga, but I know as a person who practices, it’s wonderful when you have an instructor that has the voice and the knowledge to challenge and sooth you. This is what Jena did. She also made my ass and hips look like they’ve never looked before, which is actually present. HAHA!

All jokes aside, I now consider this part of my identity. I thoroughly enjoy every time I go to yoga. As I have aged, I have become less connected to any sort of organized religion. It started with my high school experiences, the realization that humans can be horrible, and the passing away of my auntie. I’m not BLAMING anyone for the loss of my growing up Lutheran beliefs, but I’ve never felt comfortable with feeling constantly guilty for saying a cuss word or decisions I’ve felt I had to make, even though sometimes they aren’t the best, shall I say, Christian, decisions.

ANYWAY, after my grandpas, grandmas, and aunties death I realized that I feel more connected to the earth and nature than I have a building that’s stuffy. When I say stuffy, I mean the building and the people, yes. (That statement does not apply to everyone. Just my experiences.)It’s difficult enough for me to find peace within my own brain, heart, and soul on a daily basis, so why make myself feel guilty for the things that make me feel sane. For example, spouting off a swear word every now and then or getting a piece of you-know-what when I want one. 🙂

My father battles anxiety, depression, and addiction every day of his life. I never wanted those things to take me over like they did him and being a part of organized religion put me closer to two of those categories every night when I went to pray. So, with yoga, I can avoid all of that. I can breathe out my stress and problems that I encounter on a daily basis. (All the while getting a nice looking ass and hips)

This is my new identity–> a young woman that practices yoga to stay sane, or whatever that means.

BTW, I posted the blurry version versus the clear version. You can form your own opinion as to why.


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