Always a part of my identity


This is a picture of my siblings and I. From left to right, it’s Sarah, Jamie, me, and Zach. I have to credit them to my identity, because they definitely helped shape who I am today. They are not my full siblings, but that doesn’t matter. We have always treated each other like real siblings. They all have the same father and I have a different one, but honestly we all look alike. Sarah, the blonde, is the one who is the most different, she’s said to look like her grandmother on her dad’s side. People always say Jamie and I look like twins and we always laugh because we do, but like I stated before, we don’t have the same father.

I am like my siblings in so many ways. I can credit my oldest sister, Sarah, to my love of animals. I can also thank her for my very calm attitude, my love of arts and crafts, and my habit of not ever cleaning and preferring to sleep. Jamie I can give credit for sheltering me from things that I didn’t need to know at such a young age. Letting me put my arm around her when I was little when I was trying to fall asleep, but I was too afraid. I can always credit my fun side to her too. I always looked up to Jamie and wanted to be exactly like Jamie :). Zachary, I can thank for how my voice gets loud when I drink and my sense of humor. Oh, and my love of 90s boy bands and movies.

These three people are my favorite people in the world. My boyfriend and I always discuss how he has many friends and I don’t have as many as he does. I credit this to my amazing siblings. I’ve always trusted them and have been willing to communicate with them more than with my friends on a daily basis. We didn’t have a perfect upbringing either, so I think our relationships are stronger because of that.

No matter what they’ve put me through, or what I have put them through, we are always there for each other. I love them dearly.


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