Weekly reflection 2/8

I had no problem sharing what has helped shape my identity. The only problem I had was taking a selfie. I don’t feel as if my FACE is a full representation of my identity. Sure, it shows you what I look like, but like my other posts, it only is one representation of my identity. Yes, I purposefully used the word representation.

Rettberg states, “Twentieth century linguistics, with influential scholars like Saussure and Pierce, led to the semiotic understanding of representation as a system of signs, that is, sounds, words, images or objects that stand instead of a concept or an object. For instance, the word ‘tree’ is a sign that refers to an actual tree.” Just like my name, Kaitlyn, represents me. However, people that are close to me and that grew up with me call me Kaitee and few know how to spell it. Other times, I’ve been referred to as Kaitee B-anne, Kaitlyn Breanna, Kakes, Auntie K, etc. My point is, what we put on social media is a representation of ourselves. It may not represent me fully, because, well, a persons identity is made up of more than their new hobby they love(yoga) and their siblings.

I had recently scrolled through my pictures on Facebook and it reminded me of what Zesty mentioned in his article. He states, “Social media has afforded us a unique opportunity to build a very visible, permanent record of ourselves, albeit through a digital medium.” I started my Facebook page when I was 15. I am now 24, and I still look back at my pictures and think”oh, ew” or seomthing like that, even thought I have PURGED my “visible, permanent” record of myself multiple times. Which brings up another conversation about representation/presentation and the ability to remove and manipulate previous posts. Maybe another time. However, I am currently making anther permanent and visible record of myself at this moment, for this class. My last two posts especially apply to this. So, will I look back on this like I do to my Facebook page and change my mind?


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