Do you know what a Hematoma is?

Btw, WordPress just tried to auto correct Hematoma to Tomato. BAHAHA

If you have a dog, you would possibly be familiar with this term. My dog, before I went on vacation, got a hematoma the day before we left. I called the vet and they told me to come into the clinic because they needed to drain the hematoma, which was in her ear. I took her alone, because my boyfriend was stuck up in Fargo because of that nasty blizzard that came though our area.

Typically I don’t get phased by things dealing with blood or needles. Well, this was different I guess… let me back up… my dog is not nice and doesn’t really like anyone but my boyfriend and I, unless you come over frequently and have just learned to phase her out. She’s a 53 pound, 8 year old black lab and she can look scary when she wants to.

So, I get to the vet, she hates the vet, so I have to put a muzzle on her and from that point on… she was just manhandled on that poor table. If you have children and if they have had a surgery, kudos to you. I could barely handle this with my dog that I sometimes get so frustrated with. This wasn’t the vet’s problem either, he was doing his job, just a little aggressively in MY opinion.

Anyway, long story short she got the hematoma drained. Then, 350 dollars later, the vet tells me I should probably put my dog down. I ALMOST CRIED IN FRONT OF HIM! I was so surprised at his comment that for the rest of the appointment I barely listened to him. This is the first time anyone has said this to me, but apparently not my boyfriend after I told him the story.

You’re probably thinking that’s the worst part of the story, well, guess what? It’s not. 10 days later I, and yes I said “I” take this drain out that has been in her ear since this appointment. I have to rip this inch long drain out of her ear and it actually didn’t go to bad. The worst part is though, is that SHE HAS ANOTHER IN THE SAME EAR! So, tomorrow we are off to the vet again at 3:45 to get this hematoma drained, again.

I think the worst thing is just seeing her miserable and in pain. I’ve looked at options to make this stop happening and they don’t sound pleasing, so keep your fingers crossed for us and Meg!

Here are a couple of nice pictures of her loving us up.


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