Two week reflection

It’s hard to think back to last week when I was in Mexico, laying on the beach, with my phone in my hand trying to create my Wiki page. I did get it done, but it was a bare-bones Wiki page. Since I have been back, I have made some improvements like adding a picture from my vacation. I have also done only one pass at notes, when professor Morgan asked for two. (shame on me) I did, however, put quite a bit more effort into the next assignment. The next assignment was to get us to actually utilize the Wiki the way they should be. From the SentencesAboutWritingOnAWiki  page we were supposed to research and add to the other wiki pages that were linked to this, would you call it base page? I added to three pages that I found interesting. The three I added to weren’t written on yet, so I tried to add information that would motive/prompt more opinions or facts.

The first wiki page that I added to was WikisAndCredibility. It has been drilled into my brain, and I drill it into my students brains, that Wikipedia is not a credible source. However, now that I have learned more about wikis and how they are ran and monitored, I would still probably stick with this opinion. I used to not like wikis, but now that I know what they are best used for, I like them more.

The second wiki page that I added to, which two more people added to! Exciting! The page is WikisAreUgly. This opinion totally depends on what you think is ugly. If I could rename this page I would dub it, WikisAreReallyBoringAndTheyArenNotBlogs. 🙂

The third page that I added to is, CreativityIsSynthesis. Alexa took a totally different take then I did, which reflects the idea of her addition to this page. I would also argue that it reflects the idea of a wiki.

At first, aka last semester when I took Electronic Rhetoric, I did not like wikis. Did it function well for the class? Yes. Each of us had a wiki where we had information about us(similar to this class) and we had our assignments all linked to this page. It wasn’t an overload for Dr. Morgan with extremely personal information, or selfies, or posts about out identites(which is super cool). It was a place for professionalism and learning. Did I understand wikis as well as I should or could have? No. That’s nobody’s fault but mine either.

To sum it up, the last week has been great and the week before that, I could have done better. I feel more comfortable and educated about wikis and I am trying to find a way to possibly incorporate them into my classes. I still prefer my blog, but I like to share and inspire. Happy Monday/Tuesday everyone and I hope class is wonderful! I will be handing out detentions like candy if you’re interested! 😉 I’m just kidding, but state wrestling is coming up and the kids are like the dog in the movie, Up.



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