Weekly Reflection & Project Proposal

This week went well, with the challenge of being able to figure out what I would like to do for my project. I wanted to find something that would be beneficial to me and other English teachers. I  also wanted to base my project on something that I was already semi familiar with because as a grad student, and because it’s my first time teaching 9th grade English, it’s difficult to find time for anything unrelated to my job.

As I looked through the examples and Dr. Morgans notes on the projects I decided to see if anyone else did anything related to the CAL content area. A previous student had a great proposal about wikis and the writing classroom. Her wiki project inspired me for the idea of mine, a wiki for sentence diagramming. I would link her information here, but I couldn’t find her creative commons licence on her project, so I’m not sure if  I can share with my readers…

I have long been intimidated by sentence diagramming, along with my students. I am currently teaching myself how to diagram sentences, so I though it would be helpful for me, my students, and anyone else that needed the help to create a heavily linked page just for sentence diagramming. I chose a wiki versus a blog because I won’t just be focusing on how to sentence diagram, or a weekly journal on how it’s going. I will be doing both of those things and more, which I think would be better presented in a formal, educational way, through a wiki.

Here is my ProjectProposal that I created earlier this evening.  Please comment on here or on my wiki with any thoughts,opinions, or helpful information. It is all welcome!

(I originally created this project proposal on KaitlynStewart, but I just copied it to my KaiteeStewat wiki.)


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