Weekly reflection 3/7

Since I had my reflection done last week, this week was a breeze. However, finding articles that related to sentence diagramming via research databases proved difficult. I found some that discussed traditional methods of teaching grammar like going over parts of speech as something of the past. There are new methods that these articles discuss as well that do not support traditional teaching of grammar methods. So, I may keep digging to find more articles that either support or discuss diagramming sentences.

Personally I would agree that teaching my students how to diagram isn’t going to make them better writers, but it will help improve theor editing skills. I can already tell with my students that identifying the different parts of speech has become easier as we have been diagramming.

The are many online resources that were available and I only linked a few to my page.

I have updated my project proposal on my wiki if you would like to check it out.



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