3/28 Weekly Reflection- how it’s going

So far so good when it comes to the project assignment. I haven’t done much drafting/editing on my wiki because I advise the yearbook and it’s due Thursday and we are in panic-mode trying to get it done. I have everything that I need to type in and resources that I need to link to, I just haven’t had time to type everything in. Anyway, what I have found so far has been interesting. I have found useful resources and others that I don’t find as useful or helpful.

The useful information has honestly come from my classroom text book and colleagues. It’s not that I haven’t found helpful information on the internet, but it’s sometimes easier to go to a colleague that you know has multiple resources at their fingertips that they can share with you online from their drive or give you actual copies with KEYS! This was great because like I’ve stated I was learning with the students, and instead of trying to learn and teach something on my own, I had two colleagues that had my back when I had questions. I use Schoology for my 9th grade core class that I am teaching how to diagramm sentences, so when I found that my classroom grammar text books came with cd drives of resources(worksheets and quizzes), I was elated! It’s very easy to upload things from that cd drive that can be found in the text book or workbook to Schoology for the kids to download to notability to complete. However, I have found that most prefered paper copies that they were able to write using a pencil with because otherwise they have to use their finger to create the lines and write the words. For this unit, I wish I would have had my own classroom stash of stylus pens fof the kids to use. (Add links tomorrow with text book)

The resources that I have found that are not helpful is some videos on Youtube. This video, which looking from a student’s standpoint, because I am learning this two, lost me in the first minute. He also gets into the very difficult rules to diagramming sentences very quickly. He starts talking about verb compliments right away, when I felt that just getting practice in identifying the subject and the verb was difficult for my students. Throwing this information at them so quickly will turn them off because they are not familiar with the terms. I could go on, but you can watch the video and see for yourself. I wouldn’t say it’s a horrible resource that I would rule out, but I wouldn’t make my students watch the video in one sitting. I would maybe cut it up and play some of it on the days where we have reached what he’s talking about right away. I would also argue that before even watching this video a very thorough review or lesson on parts of speech should be done.

Another resource that would be helpful along the way, but not right away, that I would consider would be this one provided by an .edu. There is quite a bit of information on this resource that took me at least two class periods to cover with my students, especially when a sentence has an understood you. In my opinion, as a teacher and learner of sentence diagramming, this is a unit that needs to be taught to students in steps and they should build on each other.

There will be more to come on my hatred of grammar and how I attempt to teach it. If you missed last week’s post, here it is.


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