I’m starting to think…

that my project is SERIOUSLY coming together. All I have left to do is add some more images, which is turning out to be more difficult that what I anticipated. BUT, all I have to do is have quite a bit of patience with Google Drive.

I also received some notes from my students that I actually love looking at and comparing. I got the notes from two different students. One student did very well and is a very good question-asker during class. The other student doesn’t like to ask questions and didn’t do very well during the diagramming unit. So, this is allowing me to realize that I need to instruct better note-taking skills before beginning this unit.

I have almost completed my daily journals that I wanted to include, which although they may seem like boring lesson plans, M C Morgan said he would read them!

I can’t stress enough that my favorite resource of all during this unit was the book that had been previously purchased before I was brought on to this district. However, the final that I prepared was one that I typed up, but the sentences that I used came from our practice from the book and worksheets. Here is a copy of the final and my daily journals are here.

Since another student was interested, the book that I use during class is McDougal Littell’s Language Network book that you can purchase the student edition on Amazon, here. Most of my journals include the teacher’s edition images of the pages.

The other resource that I used was given to me by a colleague. It was only a worksheet, but it helped give the students more practice and preparation for the final exam that we had on the last day of the unit. The photos included in this post are from the final exam that we had on the last day of the unit, which was a Friday. The other image that is attached, the first image, is the worksheet practice that my colleague gave me.

Some of you are probably wondering why so many paper copies, and I will tell you why. I did allow my students the option of doing these assignments on their iPads, but about 90% of my students opted for doing all of the assignments on paper. I think the ease of drawing lines with a pencil versus using their fingers on an iPad has something to do with it, but also, I think the needed a break from iPads too. I do quite a bit on Schoology and Notability. Also, I couldn’t find many educational apps that would improve my student’s ability on diagramming, so I stuck with old school pencil and paper. Also, I thought it was useless to find a good resource that the students could use on the iPads, because next year we are switching the Chromebooks.

I did find one app that can work on Windows, and I was using a Chromebook when I found it. This week, I hope to test it our, because our laptops at school are Windows based. Hopefully, I can try it out in the next few days. Thanks for reading!



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