The last weekly reflection about my project

I am feeling like my project is in fact, helpful. After looking at and using multiple resources, I would consider what I have created a helpful resource for anyone considering learning or teaching sentence diagramming. I would consider my colleagues, my own experience in learning this material with their help, my students, and my classroom resources that were purchased before my hiring. I have also realized that his wiki has become and these blog reflections have become a resource for me as well. It’s amazing how much I learned from asking for two different student’s set of notes from this unit. I should be collecting notes for other units that I have taught! This has turned into a wonderful reflection tool that I didn’t anticipate. By the next time, I teach this unit, I hope to have a better understanding and plan of the unit before beginning it. However, I wouldn’t change how I learned to diagram. I think that sometimes teachers become teachers because the learn best by teaching. That’s how I learned how to diagram sentences and I wouldn’t change that now.

On that note, I have been reviewing my project proposal and realized that what I have created doesn’t necessarily match up with what I WANTED or hand in mind to create. The initial view I had that is mentioned in my project proposal is not exactly what I ended up creating. I didn’t do this on purpose either. After I started setting the wiki up, it’s like it just morphed into the best thing it could be for being a wiki.What I have created on the wiki is better that what I had actually planned. I also went into this project anticipating the ability to create something on a different medium than the wiki linked to my page, but it is what it is.

I have added more information on the main page, Serious Sentence Diagramming Help, but a few of the pictures I still need to add to my Daily Journals, which I will do tomorrow once I get back to my classroom. I chose the photo that I included because I don’t know how many times I went back to this book while I was teaching myself how to diagram. Also, it’s where 90% to 95% of the material I used for this unit came from.

Side note, I am planning to add the home page, Serious Sentence Diagramming Help, to most of the pages linked from that page. This will create easier navigation for those who do want to visit my wiki for help. I also want to add the next journal to the previous journals page in order to make the wiki flow better. If that makes sense?

Here are three pictures of individual student notes from my class. The notes come from two different students, and the notes on the board are mine from a lecture.


I hope to post later on this week once my project is for sure finished and I move on to the next assignment.

Have a great week and thanks for reading!


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