Why fix something that isn’t broken?


After reading most of the articles from Tuesday’s class, I feel very behind when it comes to wikis. I believe that it’s because I was never exposed to them until I had a class with Dr. Morgan. I’ve been using social media since I was 15, and during my undergrad, like I’ve explained before, we used blogs. That’s the extent of my usage of online sources for classes or personal use.

However, although I feel behind and rather dumb considering I’m a graduate student, I still stick by my opinion that I’ve posted about blogs vs. wikis. Do I think blogs can do what wikis do? Yes, and maybe even better. Do I think wikis can do what blogs do? Yes, and possibly even better. However, and maybe this is the problem, users of the internet, come in with assumptions, bias, and stereotypes.

— example from personal life time–

If I would have posted the blog about my dog having a hematoma I could possibly have “forked” and collaborated about who the best vet would be, or what the best procedure would be. But, was that my purpose? No. My purpose was to get something off my chest, and frankly, the people that wanted to read it, read it. Maybe even people commented on it(lol nobody did), but they would have wanted to comment on it. In my Jourblog I discuss how I wish some of my Facebook friends would get a blog. I made that comment because I think some of the fb posts could honestly be blogs because they are such a better story compared to an update. AND, just as I decided to go to my blog and post about my dog’s problems, I chose the three wikis on the SentencesAboutWikis.

Going back to the point… It’s not that I don’t think wikis and blogs COULDN’T merge, it’s more like I don’t want them to. There are things that I want to do on a wiki that I would never consider doing on a blog.( just like there are things that I will allows to be on my Facebook and there are things that I will not) Like on reading from Tuesday there are so many wonderful things that can happen on a wiki, but the author of this post, posted this on his blog.


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